Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Do 2

I'm not sure I get the 2.0 concept. There are one or two things I think I've gleaned from my whirl-wind overview: L2 seems to be about using technology the way our patrons are using it, instead of how we currently use it --like in a high school media center, where how they use it and how we allow it to be used are on opposite shores.

So that means, I.M-ing (I don't even know how to write it) might be an effective way to communicate with my patrons. which means my catalog needs to be in a format that looks like Amazon, and searches like a search engine. All of which wouldn't need to be discussed if I were younger (is this where I confess: the first computer I ever saw didn't have a monitor).

Another gleaning has to do with the attitudes towards technology held in some school districts (such as mine): is technology about managing information, or about delivering information/ instruction? Many, many districts still see technology as a way to organize, and maybe, to communicate. I know that it is many, many districts, because I hear media specialists ask presentors: "This is great, but is it one of those things that will make our tech guys crazy?"

I know that if I want to "do 2", someone's going to have to let go. I'm going to have to help, um, shift some paradigms.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Getting started

There are 3 media specialists in our district, so we decided to do this little adventure together. We thought we would name ourselves for each of the musketeers, but I got stuck as "Aramis." Everyone would think I was a perfume. I talked us around to a Dewey theme instead. So, here we go. I'm just doing this for the prizes (and because I got to leave my building to do it).